11-14 September 2011. Liverpool, UK - Global Leaders Congress 2011 - Global Solutions to Global Challenges

We are meeting in extraordinary times: a period of crisis for humanity and our planet. The organisers recognise the opportunity we have to bring solutions to global problems and the profound importance of ensuring a constructive outcome of the Congress.

The Congress offers a unique chance for representatives of the public/private and civil society sectors to meet as equal partners. But this brings the responsibility of ensuring that we engage in constructive dialogue and work together to achieve multi-stakeholder consensus on the way forward.

The issues are critical: in many cases with life and death significance. In registering for the Congress we ask all delegates to accept the following principles to guide our deliberations:

  • to focus attention on constructive solutions (e.g. for helping people who are suffering as a result of global problems including security concerns, health and development and environmental damage) rather than on pointing the finger of blame at particular countries or institutions • to listen to and try to understand each others' point of view, however different from our own
  • to be respectful in how we state our viewpoints • to strive for the common highest vision rather than the lowest common denominator between conflicting views • to identify what works – moving from theory to practice, so that what we discuss can have real and practical benefit.

In order to ensure an open and frank debate, discussions other than key note presentations throughout the Congress will be off the record. Conclusions will however be public and widely circulated. In registering, you are also accepting that this condition is honoured in any contact that you may have with the media and others.

In order to register your interest, please contact congress@rightsandhumanity.org

Shining the Light – A Call For Action

On 10th December Rights and Humanity marked its 25th Anniversary, and as part of the celebrations we held a follow up meeting to the Global Leaders Congress on Friday 9th December. We had a wonderful mix of thought leaders and innovators from the public, private and civil society sectors, some of whom had been at the September Congress and others' who had been inspired to join us for the first time.

Download & Commit to the Call for Action

The purpose of the meeting was to forge consensus on the Call For Action, as developed during the Global Leaders Congress. All participants who attended the day signed the pledge. If you would like to share your commitment to upholding the values and aims of Shining the Light – A Call For Action and add your name to our signatories, please email congress@rightsandhumanity.org.  

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